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Voices of Support for Japan

COVID-19: 行政機関からの情報 (日々情報更新)
Tokyo Metropolitan Government - 都内の最新感染動向
Embassy of Belgium in Japan - COVID-19 related news
Embassy of Japan in Belgium - latest COVID-19 information
Belgian Government's COVID-19 website for the latest information and advice
Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare - Q&A on COVID-19
WHO COVID-19 information
Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare - latest on COVID
European Commission Response - COVID-19
COVID-19: 旅行に関する情報 (日々情報更新)
Belgian Foreign Affairs - Travel - Japan
Brussels Airport: COVID-19 daily updates
Japan Travel – COVID-19 advisory
Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) - Medical Institution Search Tool
COVID-19: Belgian Foreign Affairs general information
ANA - Measures to prevent the expansion of the COVID-19
COVID-19: ビジネスに関する情報 (日々情報更新)
Belgian Foreign Trade Agency - Legal alerts - COVID-19 in ex
METI - Measures to mitigate the impacts on companies of the COVID-19 and for supporting such companies
Flanders - COVID-19: Measures to limit business impact in Flanders
Wallonia - COVID-19: Measures for companies established in Wallonia
Brussels - COVID-19: Impact on Brussels based companies
COVID-19: 日本貿易振興機構
COVID-19: BJA会員提供のCOVID-19に関する情報及び効果的な事例 - 法律・サービス業界より (日々情報更新)
WilmerHale - COVID-19 Center
EY - New Royal Decree propositions for comapnies and associations
Group S - Covid-19 dossier
EY - COVID-19 disrupting immigration policies and worker mobility
Deloitte - combating COVID-19 with resilience
KPMG - Maintaining business continuity
PWC - Helping firms mitigate the potential impact of COVID-19
Linklaters LLP - COVID-19 practical guidance on significant commercial and legal issues
Willis Towers Watson - Our response to COVID-19
Marsh - Precautions for the Wellbeing of Colleagues and Clients
Van Bael & Bellis - changing legal landscape during COVID-19
Jones Day - Featured insights Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Fragomen - Immigration Update: Coronavirus
Keller and Heckman - COVID-19 Resource Page
COVID-19: BJA会員提供のウェビナーやオンラインイベントについてのご案内 (日々情報更新)
Deloitte: Brexit – will there be a UK/EU trade deal? - October 20, 2020®Tag=&sourcepage=register
駐日欧州連合代表部が主催するウェビナー「新型コロナウイルスと日・EU連結性パートナーシップ」- October 22, 2020
COVID-19: 日本の報道機関からの情報 (日々情報更新)
NHK News Web
COVID-19: BJA会員提供のCOVID-19に関する情報及び効果的な事例 - 産業界より (日々情報更新)
Umicore’s response to COVID-19
UCB - COVID-19: Playing our part in the global response
GSK - actions to support the global response to COVID-19
Toyota Motor Europe’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic
Port of Antwerp in times of COVID-19
Port of Antwerp tests smart bracelet to prevent corona infection on the workfloor
Nippon Gases - COVID-19
Daikin Europe - how to keep their factory in Ostend running
Zeebrugge Port Authority facilitates extra ground for port users in need due to COVID-19 crisis
Takeda Pharmaceutical - collaborate for COVID-19 Hyperimmune Therapy
NTT - Responding to COVID-19
Kaneka - agreement with Fujifilm in supplying ingredients for Avigan
NEC - publishes design blueprints for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines
Terumo - donates cash and products in support of COVID-19 pandemic relief
Yamagata Europe - making QA Distiller Free for all to help fight COVID-19
Tokai Optecs donates masks and gloves

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