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Voices of Support for Japan
BJA Annual General Assembly


Monday 23 March 2020


Dear Members, 

In the current exceptional circumstances regarding the COVID-19 situation, the BJA deems it very important to take its responsibility towards the members and the whole of our community.  

We therefore have decided that it is not appropriate to convene a physical Annual General meeting at the venue of the BOIC and by exception organize the AGM by telephone conference to address the points on the agenda.

Please note that this telephone conference will only be dedicated to the topics of the formal AGM.

The telephone conference Annual General Assembly will be held Monday 23 March, and will start at 16:00 (call in at 16:00).

The registered participants have received all the necessary information for this procedure.

We would be very grateful if you could send us your proxy urgently, in case you have not done so yet.

We thank you for this very important cooperation.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your kind understanding of these exceptional circumstances. 


(original invitation)

Dear Member,

The President and the Board of Directors would like to invite you hereby to the Annual General Meeting of the BJA, that will be held on Monday, March 23, 2020 at 16:00, at the Belgian Olympic Interfederal Committee (BOIC/COIB) in Boechoutlaan 9 Avenue de Bouchout, 1020 Brussels.



この度、BJAでは定例総会を2020年、323()6時よりベルギーオリンピック委員会(Belgian Olympic Interfederal Committee : BOIC/COIB), Boechoutlaan 9 Avenue de Bouchout 1020 Brusselsにおいて下記の要領で開催いたしますので、是非ご出席下さりますよう、ご案内申し上げます。


We will deliberate on the following agenda:

1. Report by the President

2. Approval of the financial results for 2019

3. Approval of the 2020 budget

4. Report of the Committees

5. Statutory nominations

6. Miscellaneous

The General Assembly will be followed by Networking Cocktails offered by ANA, preceded by a presentation by
Mr Olav Spahl, Top Sport Director of the Belgian Olympic Interfederal Committee (BOIC/COIB),
on “Team Belgium & the road to Tokyo2020”.



1. 会長ご挨拶

2. 2019年決算報告

3. 2020年予算審議

4. 各委員会委員長より委員会活動報告

5. 理事任命

6. その他

総会後、ベルギーオリンピック委員会のトップ・スポーツ・ダイレクター、Olav Spahl氏より
Team Belgium & the road to Tokyo2020」についての講演並びに全日空社提供のカクテルを



15h30   Registration with drinks

16h00   Welcome words by Mr Keiichi Ueda, ANA General Manager Brussels Office

             followed by Annual General Meeting

17h00   Presentation by Mr Olav Spahl, Top Sport Director of the Belgian Olympic Interfederal Committee

             (BOIC/COIB), on “Team Belgium & the road to Tokyo2020”

17h20   Networking cocktails kindly offered by ANA, in presence of Belgian Tokyo2020 athletes

18h00   Evening adjourns




15h30   受付開始 (ドリンクサービス有)

16h00   全日空ブリュッセル支店長、上田圭一氏よりご挨拶


17h00   ベルギーオリンピック委員会のトップ・スポーツ・ダイレクター、Olav Spahl氏より

           「Team Belgium & the road to Tokyo2020」についての講演

17h20   東京2020ベルギー代表選手をお招きした、全日空社提供のカクテル

18h00   閉会

23 March 2020, Monday 15:30
Belgian Olympic & Interfederal Committee (BOIC)
Avenue de Bouchoutlaan 9
1020 Brussels
latest update: 27.03.20
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