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Voices of Support for Japan
EU - Japan Trade Agreement Seminar

The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium,
in cooperation with the Belgium-Japan Association - Chamber of Commerce,
would like to invite you to a high-level seminar on the tangible benefits of the
economic partnership agreement betweenthe EU and Japan for your company.

This ambitious trade deal will create a free trade area encompassing 600 million consumers and close to a third of global GDP. In addition to the elimination of certain customs tariffs that are still high in some sectors, the agreement is expected to provide mainly regulatory benefits. The agreement will remove a number of superfluous regulatory barriers to our exporters and importers in the heavily regulated domestic Japanese market. The Japanese government will also improve access to the country's domestic services market, to public procurement in 48 major Japanese cities, and to Japan's national railways, under the same conditions enjoyed by local operators.

We will hold this seminar several weeks after the entry into force of the EU - Japan trade agreement, which is scheduled for 1 February 2019, with a view to providing companies, both large and small, with practical information on the deal's many opportunities.

After an introduction on the political aspects of the deal given by representatives of the Belgian, Japanese and EU authorities, a number of experts (from the European Commission, Belgian authorities and specialist committees) will speak to our importers and exporters about the operational aspects that would allow them to take full advantage of the numerous benefits of this trade agreement.

With the support of AWEX, BIE and FIT
Reception sponsored by Cornelissen, Kanpai & Poppies

Companies will find out everything they need to know about the EPA through two concurrent, interactive workshops, one focusing on goods (and the agri-food sector) and the other on services. Participants can then exchange thoughts during a networking cocktail reception.

Let's work together to make this ambitious agreement a real success for all companies!

28 February 2019, Thursday 09:15
FEB - Federation of Enterprises in Belgium
Rue Ravensteinstraat 4
1000 Brussels
latest update: 24.09.20
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