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Voices of Support for Japan

This webpage offers a window for the messages of all our BJA Members (or to the benefit of our members) to inform every one about their seminars, exhibitions, other words activities and events in relation to Belgium and Japan.

If you have such an interesting item to share, please inform us of your request, in either English and/or Japanese, and we will post it here.

UNITED FUND FOR BELGIUM RALLY - 8 September 2019 [11/07/2019]

Expat Financial Affairs 2019 - 16 October 2019 [11/07/2019]


The 15th Hakuho Japanese Research Fellowship [19/06/2019]

KEYS TO JAPAN - Get help to develop a market entry plan for Japan [11/06/2019]
KEYS TO JAPAN - Get help to develop a market entry plan for Japan

Looking to market your product or service in Japan ?
If so, the European Commission-funded Keys to Japan Competition will help develop a tailored Market entry plan for two winners.

Each plan is worth €10,000 – the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation will cover 70% of the cost. The winning SMEs will have to cover the rest. The plans will be prepared by the Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC).

Who is eligible? Applicants must be citizens of an EU Member-State or COSME Third Country, be at least 20 years old, and work in a management position for a #sme headquartered in the EU or in a COSME Third Country.
-Application deadline: 20 September 2019

-Apply now:
contact for more information

VULCANUS IN EUROPE - Host a Japanese intern and get a new input into your R&D projects [11/06/2019]

The Canon Foundation in Europe offers Research Fellowships in Europe and Japan [23/05/2019]

The « Brussels Piano Festival » invites TOMOHARU USHIDA to play on 15 October 2019 [07/05/2019]

Studying Japanese in Belgium 日本語を学びませんか?(updated 09/2016) [19/09/2005]

latest update: 23.07.19
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