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Voices of Support for Japan

This webpage offers a window for the messages of all our BJA Members (or to the benefit of our members) to inform every one about their seminars, exhibitions, other words activities and events in relation to Belgium and Japan.

If you have such an interesting item to share, please inform us of your request, in either English and/or Japanese, and we will post it here.

UNITED FUND FOR BELGIUM RALLY - 8 September 2019 [11/07/2019]

Expat Financial Affairs 2019 - 16 October 2019 [11/07/2019]


The YSAYE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION 2019, international competition of classical music (violin and chamber music) whose 2nd edition will take place from 15 to 20 July 2019 in the Academic Hall of the University of Liège (Belgium).

Given the incredible success that this competition has experienced in the world of classical music and in particular among young virtuosos around the world (37 nationalities, 170 participants, …) in 2018, we made the obvious decision to reiterate this competition in 2019, in the city of Liège, where the famous violinist Eugène Ysaye came from. This year, 10 of the selected semi-finalists are Japanese !

The non-profit organization “La Vraie Note”, for which we are working, wishes through this event to bring together young musicians from around the world. Radio, newspaper and television will be invited to publicize the 2019 competition, as in 2018. Internationally renowned personalities will be part of the jury. Prizes for a total amount of more than 17500 € will be awarded to the winners.

We are now seeking funding from institutions wishing to take part in a cultural and musical project of international stature. The benefits we are committed to provide are many.

If you wish to support this project by providing any assistance, please contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (+32.479/68.68.99). We are looking for sponsors for the winners prizes of the competition, but also logistical and financial support to host our international jury (housing, meals, salaries), and funding for the competition hall and the competition. rehearsal rooms (at the Ulg), rental of accompanying instruments (upright and grand pianos), reception of the gala evening with the winners of the competition, etc.

Our goal is to give a chance for young musicians to meet and play for a qualified jury, attract a new audience, make this event famous all over the world and obtain, over time, a great reputation. It is for this reason that your support is indispensable and extremely important.


Artistic Director

Address: Rue Cardinal Mercier 55 – 1460 Ittre – BELGIUM
Phone: + 32 479 68 68 99
IBAN BE12 0682 2771 4092 – BIC GKCCBEBB
Contact the Competition Organizers

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