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Voices of Support for Japan
Japan and Belgium
Well-being at work from a cross-cultural perspective

To bring Belgian and Japanese employees closer to each other, Pulso Europe, JEAP Peacemind, Leuven MindGate and the Belgium-Japan Association & Chamber of
Commerce invite you to an afternoon
seminar focusing on the topic of well-being at work. In this seminar we will approach stress management and satisfaction at work from a cultural perspective, with insights from both Japanese and European experts.
After the seminar an informal gathering will be held where you will have the opportunity to take a tour of the city of Leuven, followed by a visit of the famous Stella Artois brewery, before enjoying a walking dinner.



13:30 Registration & welcome

14:00 Corporate responsibilities in Belgium and Japan: Introducing a cross-cultural tool for individual and collective well-being risk assessment

by Mrs. Yasmin Handaja, Senior Manager at Pulso Europe

14:30 Break-out sessions:

Room 1 Japanese language) aimed at Japanese expats: Adjusting to a new culture as expats,

by Mrs. Kaoru Ichikawa, Ph.D., Executive Vice President of JEAP Peacemind

Room 2 English language) aimed at Belgian managers: Integrating Belgian and Japanese working culture,

by Mrs. Masako Kato, Managing Director of Many Truths

15:30 Coffee and tea break

16:00 Summary of the key findings of the break-out sessions,

by Mr. Dirk Antonissen (Partner at Pulso Europe) and Mrs. Ayumi Nishikawa, President of JEAP Peacemind

16:30 Solar train tour of the historic city center of Leuven

17:30 Guided tour of the Leuven Stella Artois brewery

19:30 Reception and Walking dinner


Park Inn Radisson Blu Hotel, Martelarenlaan 36, 3010 Leuven


We accept a maximum of 50 attendees. The event is free of charge and you can choose to register for

1. the seminar, the solar train tour, the brewery visit and the walking dinner

2. the seminar, the solar train tour and the brewery visit

3. the seminar only

Please make your reservation at before June 6th, 2017.


13:30 受付開始

14:00 『ベルギーと日本における企業の社会的責任について ~個人及び組織的ウェルビーイングリスクアセスメントツールのご紹介~』

話題提供:Mr.Yasmin Handaja (Senior Manager at Pulso Europe)

14:30 ブレークアウトセッション

Room 1 (日本語) :『日本人の海外赴任者を対象にした、新しい文化への適応のプロセス』

話題提供:市川佳居(ピースマインド・イープ株式会社 取締役副社長、医学博士)

Room 2 (英語):『ベルギー人の管理職を対象にした、ベルギーと日本の労働文化の融合』

話題提供:加藤眞佐子(Managing Director of Many Truths)

15:30 休憩

16:00 サマリーとブレークアウトセッション

発話者:Mr.Dirk Antonissen (Partner at Pulso Europe) 、西川あゆみ(ピースマインド・イープ株式会社 代表取締役社長)

16:30 ソーラートレインでのルーヴェン市街地ツアー

17:30 ステラ・アルトワ醸造所のガイドツアー

19:30 ウォーキング・ディナー受付開始


パークイン バイ ラディソン・ルーヴェンホテル (Park Inn Radisson Blu Hotel, Martelarenlaan 36, 3010 Leuven)




1. セミナー+市街地ツアー+醸造所ツアー+ディナー

2. セミナー+市街地ツアー+醸造所ツアー

3. セミナーのみ


13 June 2017, Tuesday 14:00
Park Inn Radisson Blu Hotel, Martelarenlaan 36, 3010 Leuven

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