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Voices of Support for Japan
Delicious Life of Japan - Kaiseki Workshop

Delicious Life of Japan

Kaiseki Ryori Workshop
「会席・懐石 料理」ワークショップ



Sunday 19 May 2019 - Restaurant Kamo
2019年、5月19日 (日) - レストラン・カモ

The Belgium-Japan Association & Chamber of Commerce invites you to an exclusive Kaiseki Ryori workshop
led by the two Master Chefs, Mr. Yosuke Suetsugu of Nonbe Daigaku
and Mr. Tomoyasu Kamo of Restaurant Kamo in Brussels.

Listed under the UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, Washoku is the Japanese traditional food culture
with a profound attention to freshness, presentation, and natural taste of ingredients.

Under the guidance of these two exceptional Chefs, both holders of the title of
Knight of the Order of Leopold II from the Belgian Government,
you will discover the refined delicacy of the Kaiseki Ryori,
traditional Japanese course dishes, prepared from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Do not miss out this exclusive opportunity!

ご厚意により、「会席・懐石 料理」のワークショップを開催いたします。


賀茂氏両者より直々に「会席・懐石 料理」


11:00    Registration
11:15    Welcome words and introduction to the workshop
11:30    Workshop on Kaiseki Ryori, guided by Master Chefs, Mr. Suetsugu and Mr. Kamo
             The participants will be divided into 2 groups
16:00    Tasting of the creations
17:00    Event adjourns


11:00     受付開始
11:30     グループに分かれて、「会席・懐石 料理」ワークショップ開始
16:00     試食会
17:00     解散

19 May 2019, Sunday 11:00
Register for this event
Restaurant Kamo
Chaussée de Waterloo 550A
1050 Brussels
BJA Members:95.00 €
Non Member:125.00 €
latest update: 25.04.19
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