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Voices of Support for Japan
BJA Event: Premium Japanese Sake Tasting at Brewery Het Anker

Premium Japanese Sake Tasting at Brewery
Het Anker
Het Anker酒造にて高級日本酒のテイスティング

Friday 17 November 2017

Thanks to the generous support of Brewery Het Anker and Brewery Konishi,
the BJA has the pleasure to invite you to an exclusive guided tour through the beautiful and historic brewery buildings of Het Anker, followed by a sake tasting with matching appetizers.

Brewery Het Anker started brewing beer 5 generations ago in the Grand Beguinage of Mechelen.
Over the years, it developed into an internationally renowned brewery and their “Gouden Carolus” specialty beers have won several international awards. Het Anker has recently started the distribution of premium Japanese sake by Konishi Brewing Company Ltd (Hyogo prefecture), one of the oldest sake breweries in Japan,
with a history dating back to 1550.

Do not miss this exceptional opportunity!

この度はBJAではHet Anker (メヘレン市)並びに小西酒造(兵庫県)のご好意の下、
BJAでは品格のある歴史的な建築様式を誇るHet Ankerの酒造内の見学並びに小西酒造の

今日五代目となるHet Ankerはメヘレン市のGrand Beguinage にて開業しました。
その後海外事業の発展に続き、“Gouden Carolus” ビールは数々の国際賞を受賞しています。
近年Het Ankerでは1550年に開業した日本国内でも最も古い酒造として知られる小西酒造の高級日本酒を輸入しています。
Het Ankerの営業部長兼日本酒ソムリエのHans Rubens氏のガイドの下、


  • 14:30  Registration
  • 15:00  Welcome by Mr. Charles Leclef, 5th generation owner of Brewery Het Anker
  • 15:05  Guided Visit of the Brewery by Mr. Hans Rubens,
                Commercial Director Het Anker and certified sake-sommelier,
                with focus on beer exports to Japan
  • 16:00  Sake Tasting at the Officers’ Hall of the Brewery                  
                3 signature sake by Konishi Brewing Company, paired with small appetizers.                  
                Mr. Rubens will speak about sake, its brewing method and the historical ties between
                Konishi and Het Anker.
  • 17:30  Event adjourns


  • 14:30  受付開始
  • 15:00  Het Anker五代目オーナーのCharles Leclef氏よりご挨拶
  • 15:05  Hans Rubens氏のガイドの下、酒造内見学
  • 16:00  酒造内にて小西酒造特選の日本酒のテイスティング
                 Hans Rubens氏より小西酒造の酒造法並びにHet Anker との歴史的な結び付きについての講演
  • 17:30   閉会

For those willing, there is an opportunity to have dinner at the on-site Brasserie Het Anker, at your own convenience.
Please make your reservation in advance at the brewery’s reception desk ( or TEL 015 28 71 41).

( ; TEL 015 28 71 41).

17 November 2017, Friday 14:30
Brewery Het Anker
Guido Gezellelaan 49
2800 Mechelen
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