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Voices of Support for Japan

BJA vision on Belgian corporate tax reform - Position Paper

On the occasion of the 2016 budget control, the Belgian federal government agreed on 9 April 2016 on the principle of a corporate income tax (“CIT”) reform. According to the budget control notifications, the Finance Minister is requested to propose, by 30 September 2016, alternatives to reform the CIT regime, allowing to address the challenges facing the country’s competitive position.

Via the link below you can find our position paper reflecting the concerns and views of Japanese companies doing business in Belgium. This position paper outlines how the BJA Legal & Tax Committee believes – following a consultation with its members, i.e. Japanese MNEs investing in Belgium – the Belgian CIT regime should ideally evolve in order to deal with these challenges and in order to remain competitive for retaining and attracting regional headquarters of (Japanese) MNEs in Belgium.

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of Belgium for retaining and attracting foreign direct investment, the BJA Legal & Tax Committee believes that the strategic focus of the CIT reform should be on realising a significant tax rate reduction in combination with (continued) support of innovation, investment & employment and with a simplification of the CIT regime.

Read all in the document following the link.

BJA Corporate Survey Request

In the context of the recent elections, the ongoing government formation and the recent studies on rankings of Belgium as an investment location, the BJA Legal & Tax Committee would highly appreciate your cooperation for filling in the survey sent by email concerning legal and tax matters relevant to your business in Belgium.

The results of this survey will be used for the benefit of the corporate climate and is aimed to positively influence policy makers.

We hope for your valued input by sending the filled in survey back to us via e-mail before July 24, 2014

This survey is intended for BJA Company Members (Associate, Corporate and Sponsor)

Pictures of the AEO Seminar
The pictures of the BJA AEO Seminar (12th of December) have been uploaded. Please enjoy them by clicking on "more".

12月12日に開かれました、AEO セミナーのイベントの写真はこちら、'more'をクリックして下さい。

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