This webpage offers a window for the messages of all our BJA Members (or to the benefit of our members) to inform every one about their seminars, exhibitions, other words activities and events in relation to Belgium and Japan.

If you have such an interesting item to share, please inform us of your request, in either English and/or Japanese, and we will post it here.

EU-Japan EPA seminar in Namur (presentations will be held in French & English) - 2 April 2019 [14/03/2019]

Masterclass Chocolate for Japanese April 28 - May 1 [06/03/2019]

Japan Square Festival [27/02/2019]

Meet our golf stars & participate at the Golf to Tokyo [07/02/2019]

WCM training missions in Japan - European Commission-funded programme in Japan - Call for applications [30/01/2019]

Artificial Intelligence: what do I need to know? - March 21, 2019 [29/01/2019]

Feniks taiko concerts with Bonten [21/11/2018]

Studying Japanese in Belgium 日本語を学びませんか?(updated 09/2016) [19/09/2005]