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Voices of Support for Japan

This webpage offers a window for the messages of all our BJA Members (or to the benefit of our members) to inform every one about their seminars, exhibitions, other words activities and events in relation to Belgium and Japan.

If you have such an interesting item to share, please inform us of your request, in either English and/or Japanese, and we will post it here.

5-day "World Class Manufacturing" training in Japan - Call for applications [16/05/2019]

The « Brussels Piano Festival » invites TOMOHARU USHIDA to play on 15 October 2019 [07/05/2019]


Participate to the UFB Golf Tournament and support Belgian people in need [09/04/2019]

Looking for Japanese persons for an interview on the practice of questioning in Japanese culture and society [03/04/2019]
Dear BJA members,

I am contacting you to ask if you can help me with some information.

I am doing research for my book on the role of questions in life.

In this context, I seek to have a deeper understanding of the practice of questioning in different cultures and societies.

I would like to talk to a Japanese person, who was born in Japan in a Japanese family, but who also has lived in Europe for some time, and speaks a European language.

I would like to ask this person about his/her experiences in Europe and in Japan, specifically comparing the role of questions in various situations (rules, differences, practices, etc.)

I am looking for personal observations based simply on everyday life.

It is done as an informal discussion, with – on one hand - a framework of questions, and on the other hand - a good deal of free expression and spontaneous exploration depending on the experiences of the person interviewed!

All persons interviewed for the book remain completely anonymous.

This is not an academic research!

I am passionate about the subject and about sharing of collective knowledge, and my project is entirely ‘not-for-profit’!

No preparation is required, except being able to speak English or French.

I would be happy to give you more details about my project and what I am looking for !

Thank you very much for your time and help!

Julia Copperhill
Contact Ms Copperhill

Survey on socio-cultural differences between Japan and Belgium [03/04/2019]

Meet our golf stars & participate at the Golf to Tokyo [07/02/2019]

Studying Japanese in Belgium 日本語を学びませんか?(updated 09/2016) [19/09/2005]

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